24.96 — 24.96 is a campaign which protests the use of child labour in garment sweat shops around the world. In today’s age confronting protests are less and less effective. So to counter this the design of 24.96 is less confronting and visually inviting in an attempt to attract more people to the cause. The design is sold at $24.96 due to children averagely earn that in a week of labour. The pack contains a tee shirt with the logotype, poster, postcards with more facts that are designed to be sent out and further spread word of the issue, a publication with 5 published articles from newspapers around the world, so that you can learn just how bad the conditions children are facing are. The design raises awareness to the fact the people easily spend a high amount of money on something a child made for sometimes $3 a day.

Art Direction and Design: Sam Castle-Twyford